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07/03/2015, daimlerag

World premiere: Mercedes-Benz Trucks presents latest engine generation

World premiere in the German capital Berlin: on Friday, as part of its "Shaping Future Transportation 2015 – Campus Efficiency" event, Mercedes-Benz presented its latest truck engine. The Latest Generation of the OM 471 heavy-duty truck engine is an engineering masterpiece. The engine offers fuel savings of up to 3% compared to its predecessor, reducing operating costs and lowering CO2 emissions at the same time, and ensuring that truck customers and the environment benefit equally from this latest unit to emerge from Mercedes-Benz Trucks Engine Development.

07/03/2015, daimlerag

More comfortable than ever, as sporty as ever: New-generation A-Class available to order now

Striking contours, dynamically sweeping surfaces and coupé-like window lines characterise the exterior of the A-Class. With a new, more arrow-shaped front bumper, new LED High Performance headlamps and modified tail lights, the new generation emphasises the sportiness and dynamism of the successful compact-class model series.

07/02/2015, daimlerag

Leading in safety: with trucks, vans and buses from Mercedes-Benz and Setra

Safety is one of the fundamental brand values of Daimler. For decades the company has been a pioneer in safety and assistance systems. Whether the trucks and vans from Mercedes-Benz or the buses and coaches from Daimler Buses – all vehicle categories can be equipped with all the currently available safety and assistance systems. Most of these systems are in-house developments, and celebrated their world premieres in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

07/02/2015, daimlerag

Mercedes-Benz OM 471 – the latest generation: Squaring the circle: lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, more output and torque

1100 litres of fuel savings a year and about three tonnes of CO2 less – two of the key benchmark figures for a long-distance transport semitrailer tractor unit fitted with the latest-generation OM 471 heavy-duty engine from Mercedes-Benz, assuming an annual mileage of 130,000 km. Four years on from the debut of this revolutionary generation of engines, the next evolution is here – and will allow the Mercedes-Benz Actros from Daimler Trucks to consolidate its lead in the efficiency stakes.

07/02/2015, daimlerag

Daimler Trucks always on the safe side: pioneer for innovative safety and assistance systems

The watchword for Daimler Trucks and especially Mercedes-Benz, is to build the world's safest trucks. Accordingly they already combine a variety of highly effective safety systems. The majority of these are in-house developments first introduced into the market by Mercedes-Benz – for decades the brand has been a pioneer for safety in the haulage sector.

07/02/2015, daimlerag

Mercedes-Benz Vans: safety made to measure for the Sprinter, Vito and Citan

One for all: the saying applies more to vans than to any other vehicle category. Vans are working tools for tradespeople, express services, service providers and municipalities. They also serve as a basis for minibuses in regular and touring operations, or for premium camper vans. The requirement profiles vary greatly, the customer base is correspondingly heterogeneous and the drivers are frequently not professionals behind the wheel.

07/02/2015, daimlerag

Daimler Buses: undoubtedly the number one for safety in Europe

The undisputed number one among bus manufacturers in Europe is also the undisputed number one in safety technology – anybody wanting to lead the field in passenger transport must also deliver a first-class performance when it comes to safety. With Mercedes-Benz and Setra, Daimler Buses has both two leading brands as well as very different vehicles in the form of city buses and touring coaches under its aegis in terms of operating profile and technology.

07/02/2015, daimlerag

Daimler puts new safety technology on the road in all its commercial-vehicle divisions

The commercial vehicle divisions of Daimler AG are forging ahead with the development of safety and assistance systems for deployment in trucks, buses and vans. The ambitious goal is to avoid dangerous situations and thus to realize the vision of accident-free driving. To this end, all commercial-vehicle business units will launch new safety technologies such as the blind spot monitoring system or the Mirror Cam in the coming years.