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11/25/2015, daimlerag

Large Swedish customer acquires four Setra buses

The Swedish company Bergkvarabuss is celebrating its 40th anniversary with the acquisition of four new Setra buses. Göran Mellström, owner of Sweden's largest private bus company, is adding one S 515 HDH and two S 431 DT models to his fleet. The Setra TopClass 500 coach is the company's new flagship and is predominantly used as a luxury conference bus for small travel groups with high comfort standards.

11/25/2015, daimlerag

FleetBoard Drivers' League 2015: Double victory for the Ihro freight company

A total of 19,438 drivers from 359 companies in 18 countries took part in this year's FleetBoard Drivers' League in the period from 1 June to 31 October 2015. This year it was Marius Hareza from the Ihro freight company in Neuenstein who stood at the top of the German winner's rostrum in the "Best Driver" category. Marius Hareza amply demonstrated his skill with a driving style score of 9.92, leaving the other competitors behind him. In the "Best Team" category, the medal likewise went to the team from the Ihro freight company.

11/25/2015, daimlerag

"Auto Trophy 2015 World's Best Cars": Mercedes-Benz takes first place four times

Mercedes-Benz has maintained its lead in the readers' poll "Auto Trophy 2015 World's Best Cars": the brand with the star secured first place in four categories. Like last year, the C and S-Class won the categories "Best mid-size car" and "Best luxury saloon". In addition, Mercedes-Benz was voted the world's best brand and the brand with the fewest complaints in the "Quality Trophy". The award was presented last night at the Cruise Center in Hamburg-Altona.

11/24/2015, daimlerag

Mercedes-Benz Museum: Motorsport safety: special exhibition “Safety Cars”

The "Safety Cars" special exhibition launches on 1 December 2015 at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The exhibition in Collections Hall 5 honours the unique story of the Mercedes-Benz Safety Car. The brand has been providing all of these special vehicles in Formula 1 since 1996.

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Album: Mercedes-Benz Museum: Motorsport safety: special exhibition “Safety Cars”

11/24/2015, daimlerag

Daimler establishes its own warranty insurer: Mercedes-Benz Versicherung AG

The automobiles on Germany’s roads have a steadily longer service life. According to a recent study, it has now risen to nine years on average. However, manufacturers generally only provide warranties for the first two years of a car’s life, as required by law. The older a vehicle gets, the more maintenance and repairs it needs. That’s why warranty insurance policies are becoming more important, because they protect vehicle owners against unforeseeable repair costs for component assemblies such as engines, transmissions and air-conditioning systems.

11/24/2015, daimlerag

2015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Preview

The 2015 Formula One World Championship season concludes with Round Nineteen, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, from Yas Island