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Oktober 2014

31.10.2014, car2go

It's car2go Time

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31.10.2014, Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz TV: With the GLA 45 AMG 4MATIC from Tokyo to Mount Fuji.

The new GLA 45 AMG 4MATIC in the “Land of the Rising Sun”: Japan. There two artists take the compact SUV to a special cruise: from the metropolis of Tokyo up to Mount Fuji. Tatsuya Yamada (Tyme/MAS), sound designer and music composer, has sampled the sound of the GLA 45 AMG 4MATIC and convert it into a special track. More information on Experience the world of Mercedes-Benz: Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube: Fuel consumption combined: 7.5 l /100 km; combined CO₂ emissions: 175 g/km.* Product may vary after press date on 31.10.2014. *The figures are provided in accordance with the German regulation “PKW-EnVKV” and apply to the German market only. Further information on official fuel consumption figures and the official specific CO₂ emissions of new passenger cars can be found in the EU guide “Information on the fuel consumption, CO₂ emissions and energy consumption of new cars”, which is available free of charge at all sales dealerships, from DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH and at


Mercedes B-Klasse Electric Drive 2015 Fahrbericht–exklusiv Elektro

Autogefühl - das Auto Blog! Mit der Mercedes B-Klasse Electric Drive bietet Mercedes bald ein komplett alltagstaugliches Elektrofahrzeug, das vielfältige Einsatzbereiche hat. Wir sind den neuen Elektro-Premiumvan kurz vor der Markteinführung in Deutschland im November 2014 gefahren und rechnen mit einem großen Anklang unter den Elektroauto-Kunden. Auch Mercedes-Kunden in den USA dürfen erstmals B-Klasse fahren – exklusiv Elektro. Von Thomas Vielen Dank, dass du abonniert hast!

31.10.2014, daimlerag

The safer way to provide help: rescue stickers with QR codes now standard on all new Mercedes-Benz vans

The increasing complexity of vehicle technology means that ever more factors need to be taken into consideration when effecting the safe rescue of vehicle occupants after an accident. Valuable support for rescue services in such situations now comes in the form of a rescue sticker incorporating a QR code, available for all Mercedes-Benz vans.

31.10.2014, Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz TV: The 2014 DTM season for the Original-Teile Mercedes AMG team

In an emotional video, DTM driver Christian Vietoris (Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts/Original-Teile Mercedes AMG C-Coupé) is looking back at the 2014 DTM season. Experience the world of Mercedes-Benz: Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube:

31.10.2014, daimlerag

First Setra TopClass 500 for Czech Republic

Czech coach company Casia Tour & Transport has added a Setra TopClass 500 touring coach to its fleet. The three-axle S 517 HDH is the first vehicle in the current generation of Setra touring coaches to be delivered to the Czech Republic.


Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains bags Dewar Trophy for F1 power unit design

Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP) was awarded the 2014 Dewar Trophy, the most prestigious engineering accolade in British automotive engineering awarded by the Royal Automobile Club, for the PU106A Hybrid Formula One Power Unit that was designed, developed, and built fully in HPP’s facilities in Brixworth. This year marks the 150th birth anniversary of Sir Thomas Dewar, for which the trophy is named. 2014 also marks ‘120 years of motorsport success for Mercedes-Benz’ and is a major technological turning point in Formula 1 with the introduction of the new power units. With all these coming together, the win seems to become more meaningful and fitting. The Mercedes power unit has led to the... Continue Reading » The post Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains bags Dewar Trophy for F1 power unit design appeared first on - A Mercedes-Benz Fan Blog.