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Oktober 2014

30.10.2014, daimlerag

Further enhanced safety: Crosswind Assist now also available as retrofit solution for older Sprinter models

Crosswind Assist is now also available as a retrofit solution for numerous variants of the Sprinter. The most important prerequisite: the vehicle must be fitted with the current version of Adaptive ESP, available since January 2012. Almost all owners of vehicles built between 2012 and mid-2013 are therefore now able to retrofit this highly effective safety feature to their vehicle. The mid-2013 model change saw Crosswind Assist become part of the standard specification of all the most common Sprinter variants.

30.10.2014, Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz TV: Formula One pilot Lewis Hamilton prepares for Austin.

MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS pilot Lewis Hamilton presents the race track in Austin, Texas. One year ago the Brit won the venue’s premiere. In preparation for the next Grand Prix he takes a spin in the simulator on the only American race track in the Formula One schedule. More racing here: Experience the world of Mercedes-Benz: Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube: